Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sept. 30, 2015

Sept. 30, 2015 -  First I would like to say that the Lord has given to me Visions and dreams since my last post, but some were personal and the others I just can not explain at this time. I also felt it important to explain my beliefs on the first four Seals of the book of Revelation as some would wonder about my interpretation of my posting of Aug. 24, 2015.  Not only the first four but all  the Seals will be opened before the Tribulation begins. In Revelation chapter five verse 1, John writes that the book in the right hand of God is written on the inside and back side sealed with seven Seals. Verse 5 we see it is the Lion of the tribe of Juda (Christ Jesus) that is worthy to open the Seals. As each Seal is opened we see what takes place and the Tribulation starts with the Trumpet Judgments in Chapter 8 after the book (scroll) is opened.  The first 4 Seals were opened I believe around Pentecost and they have been increasing in intensity and how often they appear (Beginning of sorrows). The 5th  Seal taking place just before the 6th Seal  which is the time sealing the 144000 verse 13 and the Rapture or catching away, with the Rapture taking place in verse 14). This explains chapter 7 the 144000 being sealed just before the Rapture of the church by the stars (Angels) from heaven verse 13 and special attention to the word (we) in Revelation 7:3 . Revelation 7: 9-17 is the Raptured saints knowing that those who came out of the great tribulation  are those who were not part of the great tribulation. Yes I know most will say that the Rapture takes place in Rev. chapter 4: 1, but I encourage you to look at all the scriptures concerning the Rapture taking place with the dead in Christ rising first and those alive meeting them in the air and also know that in the book of Revelation that earthquakes represent important things taking place. In verse 4:1 John simply is shown what is to come!  Also notice that there is two earthquakes associated with the sixth Seal at the beginning and after the heaven is rolled together (Rapture).   I believe that every mountain and island being moved out of their places  ( Earthquake) is associated with the seventh Seal.  I have read the book of revelation hundreds of times and written it word for word and studied it along with many hours of prayer. No matter the differences in interpretations of the Rapture, I know the hour is close and we must be witnessing to the lost and to those who are scoffers and to those who just don't realize how close his coming is.  Praise the Lord, believers agree the victory we all have in Jesus Christ.

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