Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dec. 15, 2015

Dec. 15, 2015 -  Woke up to a Quick Vision of brightness for a long period of time. (Gods Glory) . Then I saw the face of a man and then the number five. 5 = grace. ( Glory , Man , and Grace ).  I fell back to sleep for a short time as I wondered about what the Lord had showed me.  I woke back up to another Quick Vision of brightness and then a Cross with brightness all around it. This Cross we know represents the gift of grace,  salvation. The next thing I see is another cross upside down with a gift ribbon around it meaning the end of this period of grace soon.   The first Vision shows the time period of Grace, salvation through the shed blood of our savior Jesus Christ, The second Vision shows the Cross of Gods Glory where Christ died for our sins, and the upside down cross represents the end of grace is soon.(Rapture). Whether or not you believe the Rapture is about to take place or not, we all do not know what the next minute will bring, we could take our last breath at any moment. Jesus died on the cross that no one who will ask him into there heart should parish. the Bible says when you do you are born again spiritually. Are you ready to meet the Lord? All you need to do is ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior, repent and turn from sin, and you shall be saved.  If you have said this prayer find a good Bible believing Church and read the Bible daily and pray to your heavenly Father in the name of Jesus. If you are a Pastor be preaching the End time Message as this is your responsibility to those in your Church.

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