Friday, January 2, 2015

Jan. 2, - Feb, 2015

Feb. 10, 2015 - I was given a quick Vision  of a Large White Church and the name Jesus in front of it , actually across it. In prayer the Lord revealed to me that this represents the Rapture of the church and the door is open or about to be opened. He is soon coming through this open door very soon, are you ready? are you witnessing and doing that which you are called? Come Lord Jesus !                                                                                                                                                            Made a correction in remembering the old,  Posted Jan. 30, 2015. - Jan. 18, 2015 - I was given a dream Vision of a baseball that was having the cover removed, and was  having a new cover  put on. While the new cover was being put on I said that we  need to keep the old one.  I do not know if this is the full interpretation as of yet but know it represents a new season, the Rapture, remembering the old represents those that died for their testimony of Jesus Christ, ***(which will have taken place before the Great Tribulation.)*** I looked back at all the Visions and dreams the Lord has given me and I see the warnings to be ready for his coming and the Rapture of the Church. I also see the encouragement to be witnessing until he appears that wonderful day.  Be witnessing to the lost and Praise the Lord.                                                                                                                                                                Jan. 10, 2015 -  I had a Dream Vision of being across the street from a high school at a spot where there was a church that was no longer there. I looked toward the school and saw a tornado behind the school between  two tall buildings . Then I looked back at where the church once stood, and saying there is not any time left to warn them. I believe this is all about the rapture of the Church and the Great Tribulation is close. Can you say that you are ready?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Jan. 2, 2015 -  The Lord gave me a Quick Vision of the #7 in red , then I saw the number #5 twice. The next thing was brightness Gods glory,  and as I opened my eyes I looked at the clock and it was 5:55.  I believe that the Lord is saying that the Rapture is about to take place, and grace is about to end. We are in the last days and we need to be witnessing to the Lost.

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